amber road
The Amber Road Fellowship is a ring of proud young Europeans believing in the imminent need for a return of the Ancestral Heritage of Europe.
Our purpose is not only to study the ancient cultures, religions and lifestyles of old Europe; actually, we want to extract useful teachings and concrete ways of life from our Ancestors lore to make ourselves free from the chains of this modern, overpopulated, blind and industrialized world, a world we have discovered in its true face: monotheistic and monotonous!
We want our children becoming old in a restored Enviroment, in a continent populated by beautiful, rooted and respectful people.
For that, we study and pratice all the arts and kind of works that could allow ourselves to live in harmony with the divine energies that rule our Lands: respectful farming, traditional handicraft, self-sufficiency, survivalism, hiking, traditional martial arts…

Although, we believe that all those things are insufficent without an Heathen\Pagan rebirth of all Europe.
Indeed, we want to keep ourselves in contact with all the deserving Heathen-Pagan Associations and individuals to organize events and activities together.
We don’t want to create a pagan association or to substitute associations that already existed. We are not interested to be recognized by any nation or organization and we will never be an association: we want to remain a fellowship, a group of families and local communities, a ring of friends and companions. As the historical Amber Road connected the North and the South, we want to help the traditional European heathen community to share knowledge, friendship, concrete projects, art, music. Amber Road members are also happy to host european heathen people who travel through Mother Europe and to organize trips across the most powerful and beautiful places of our Continent.

We want to organize a ring of radical pagan individuals that want to work hard to restore Paganism and Tradition in all the levels of their existence: in their lives, in their Nations, in our European Motherland. We unmodestly want to became an example of life for an upcoming mass-return of the Idea of an Heathen Europe.
The Fellowship has periodical meetings, rituals and feasts in recurrance of the main dates of the indo-european sacred calendars in some powerful and relevant places in all Europe.
We have a formed National Federation for Italy, named Esploratori Hesperiani, and many individual friends across all Europe (mainly France, Scandinavia, Spain…).
We are searching for high motived people who want to organize in other European countries what we are already doing for Italy: if you are like us, COME WITH US!

If you are interested in our activities write us at this e-mail address (better if you write in English if you could, but we could read Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Deutsch, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Catalan and Castillan):
If you are an Italian speaker, write to that one:

adrien friedrich

eleonora zaino